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Turn Clutter into Cash!

During quarantine, many people have spent their time bingeing Netflix, making sourdough bread or cleaning out every drawer and closet in their house in an effort to minimize and organize their belongings.

Have you spent your time removing the clutter but are you not sure what to do with it now? Do you have old jewelry you don’t wear because it is out of style or broken? Are you holding on to rings that no longer hold sentimental value? You may have antique collectible coins or gold and silver bullion that you have no idea what they are worth. Do not despair, David’s Jewelry and Coin Exchange can help you turn your clutter into cash.

Our experienced team offers one-on-one consultations by appointment to examine and appraise your items and determine their worth. (Typically, we don’t require appointments but in the interest of adhering to proper social distancing during COVID-19, we do ask that you call and schedule with us before coming.)

Our employees wear masks and will take all the proper precautions to minimize contact and risk. We will quickly access your collection and give you an appraisal value and cash offer.

Here is a complete list of what we buy:

  • Broken and Unwanted Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Collectible Coins and Paper Currency
  • Gold and Silver Bullion
  • Texas A&M University Collectibles
  • Louis Vuitton

If you aren’t looking to sell your collection but need to know its value, we offer insurance appraisals and estate collection appraisal and division. For more information, view our additional services here.

To contact us for an appointment you can call 979-846-2400 or email info@davidsjewelryandcoins.com