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Estate Services

With 25 years of experience in jewelry and coins, David’s Jewelry and Coin Exchange is able to help you settle your estate needs. If you find yourself being an executor of an estate, don’t feel overwhelmed—we are here to help. We have several estate services that we offer to assist you in navigating the process of appraising, dividing or selling your estate jewelry or coin collections.

Appraising your Inherited Jewelry and Coin Collections

Being responsible for the liquidation of a jewelry or coin estate may seem like a daunting task. Determining what is valuable and what was merely sentimental, along with finding a reputable jewelry or coin dealer, may seem stressful. Our experienced staff are available to appraise any inherited jewelry or coins and help you determine the worth of the collection. For more information about our appraisal services, visit our appraisal page.

Dividing Jewelry or Collectible Coins into Equal Lots

If you are the executor of an estate that contains a large amount of jewelry or coins, it can be overwhelming to divide it into lots of equal value for all of the heirs. Our staff will efficiently and accurately divide your inherited estate jewelry for a minimal fee of $100 per hour and divide it into equal batches according to the number of beneficiaries named in the will. Through this stress free process, you can be confident that the contents of the estate will be fairly divided and all the heirs will be happy. If the heirs of the estate would rather have cash than the actual pieces of jewelry or coins, we are happy to make a cash offer to buy the jewelry or coins from the estate.

Selling an Estate Jewelry or Coin Collection

Often times, once a collection is valued, the beneficiaries will decide to sell the jewelry or coin collection and divide the proceeds amongst the heirs. Our experienced staff will evaluate your jewelry or coin estate and make a cash offer to buy the items. For more information about selling your estate jewelry or collectible coins, visit our Sell to Us page.

Financial Advisors or Estate Attorney Resources

If you are a financial advisor or an estate attorney, we can help you and your clients as you navigate the estate process. Our 4.9 out of 5 star rating in Google reviews proves that when doing business with us, you can be confident that you are dealing with trustworthy experts. We are conveniently located less than one mile from Texas A&M University. Discover how our 25 years of experience can serve you and your clients.

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