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We offer a vast selection of over 3,000 pieces of beautiful estate jewelry. Unlike other jewelry stores with similar inventory, we have a large and unique collection of one of a kind rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Our selection is specifically curated to help your money go further. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a gift for a loved one or just looking to add to your own jewelry collection, we’ll have what you need. We have a full-range of silver, gold and platinum with diamond and other precious gemstones. We are confident you will find just the right piece at just the right price.


Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets

White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

The process of buying an engagement ring or wedding band can be expensive and stressful, but not with David’s Jewelry and Coin Exchange.We offer newer styles and cuts as well as unique classic estate pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Our competitors can’t compete with our prices or selection. Our inventory includes rings from every era with their own magical stories to tell. Their romantic beauty is hard to replicate with a modern ring. Additionally, buying vintage is more sustainable because you are upcycling an existing piece by giving it new life on your hand. We have many options of  engagement rings to suit any budget or style. From antiques to the 2020’s we have the perfect engagement ring for you!

Once you pick out your engagement ring or wedding set, we also offer an engraving service. Our team will work with you to determine your engraving font, size and location and then our in-house jeweler will complete the personalization of your rings.

You are guaranteed to get a better, more beautiful ring within your budget. We think a diamond will last forever but paying for it shouldn’t!

Ethical and Conflict-Free Diamond Engagement Ring Options

We understand the desire that you may have to purchase ethical and conflict-free diamonds. That is why we are proud to offer diamond engagement rings in the following options:

  • Ethical (Ethical diamonds ensure fair pay, safe working conditions, environmentally sound practices, and no human rights abuses.)
  • Conflict Free (Conflict-free is used to distinguish diamonds which have not financed civil wars.)
  • Sustainable (Ethically sourced and lab grown diamonds)
  • Recycled (We have hundreds of vintage, estate diamonds who have had one or more previous owners)

Loose Diamonds

If you want to upgrade your diamond or create a custom piece of jewelry, we have 100’s of diamonds, including GIA certified, for you to choose from. We have a large variety of traditional, modern and rare cuts, colors and sizes of quality loose diamonds. We are sure you will find a diamond you will love and cherish.

Fine Jewelry

The fun of our jewelry store is never knowing what will be in the showcase the next time you come in to see us. We are proud to offer an expansive collection of vintage white and yellow gold pieces you won’t find anywhere else. We pride ourselves in providing the perfect jewelry for you, whether that means art-deco rings from the 1930’s, vintage mine-cut and European 19th century diamonds or victorian period antiques.


Preowned Men's and Women's Rolex Watches

We offer a fine collection of estate watches from many brands including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer and Omega. We have men’s and women’s watches and pocket watches for every budget and style.

We offer vintage pieces as well as modern watches for prices much cheaper than you will find anywhere else. Come check out our selection and find the perfect gift for yourself or your significant other.

Sterling Silver

We have the largest collection of sterling silver in College Station. If you are looking for something fancy to wear to your homecoming dance, senior prom or even your wedding, we have countless rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and vintage hair pieces. From single items, to matching sets we have what you need to stand out in a crowd.

If you are looking for something for everyday wear we have lots of casual items from necklaces and rings to cuff bracelets, brooches and pins. With every type of gemstone you can imagine, we have literally thousands of sterling silver items for you to choose from.

Turquoise Jewelry

If you love turquoise jewelry, you don’t have to travel to New Mexico to find your dream piece!

At our jewelry store, we offer a wide variety of everyday turquoise jewelry. Additionally, we also have a stunning collection of extraordinary turquoise pieces such as squash blossoms, conchos, belt buckles and money clips. Many of our pieces are signed by the incredible artists who made them.

Come in and take a closer look at our inventory.

Trade with Us

David’s Jewelry and Coin Exchange offers trade-ins. Bring in your current ring, old or unwanted jewelry, Louis Vuitton, collectible coins or any other item listed in our Sell to Us page and exchange that item(s) for anything in our inventory.

Sell to Us

If you are looking to sell your broken or unwanted jewelry visit our Sell to Us page to learn more about what we buy.

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