The Most Common Jewelry Repairs & How We Can Help

Here Are the Most Common Jewelry Repairs & What We Can Do to Help

most common jewelry repairs

The sudden realization that your favorite piece of jewelry is damaged can make your heart sink. For many of us, jewelry isn’t just a statement piece to bring an outfit together or something shiny. It’s a cherished keepsake that holds a great deal of sentimental value we can’t bear the thought of never wearing again.

This said, odds are, your jewelry piece(s) will require repair (especially if it’s worn daily) at some point. The good news is that David’s Jewelry & Coin Exchange is here to fix the most common—and not-so-common—jewelry repairs. Read on to discover the most common jewelry repairs and how we’re equipped to help.

What Are the Most Common Jewelry Repairs?

#1: Cleaning

Many factors can contribute to your favorite piece losing its shine: perfume, cleaning chemicals, regular wear, and direct sunlight—just to name a few. Not to worry, though. Bring your piece to us and we’ll have it sparkling like new in no time with our cleaning and polishing service.

We can complete this simple process in minutes and have you back on your way the same day!

#2: Ring Resizing

Whatever your reason for ring resizing, our expert, in-house jewelers can easily resize it bigger or smaller, leaving the band smooth and spotless. This includes your beloved Texas A&M Aggie class rings. When you bring your class ring to David’s Jewelry & Coin Exchange, it never has to leave Aggieland, and we’ll have it back to you in just a few days!

#3: Clasp Repair

Bracelet and necklace clasp repairs are among the most common jewelry repairs due to the delicate nature of the piece. Frequent wear or an accident can cause damage to a clasp, which will require it to be replaced.

With more than 40 years of experience, we can easily repair or replace your bracelet or necklace clasp so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

#4: Prong Repair

Prongs are a crucial part of any piece of jewelry because they secure gemstones and diamonds in place. However, they can be susceptible to damage and breaking when the metal is too thin, which can lead to expensive losses if a stone gets lost. If you notice a loose stone or crack in the prong of your jewelry, it’s best not to wear it until you can have it repaired by a professional jeweler so you don’t risk losing the stone.

#5: Stone Replacement

Have you ever been admiring or polishing your jewelry at home and come to the devastating realization that a gemstone is damaged or missing? We know the feeling! Stone replacement is one of the most common jewelry repairs we do.

We have hundreds of loose diamonds and gemstones—with a large variety of traditional, modern, and rare cuts, colors, and sizes. Our jewelers will find the perfect match to complement your other stones.

#6: Watch Battery Replacement

When you inevitably stop hearing the tick-tock of your favorite timepiece, you know it’s time to have your watch battery replaced. Replacements are common because they simply don’t last forever. David’s Jewelry & Coin Exchange offers fast and affordable battery replacement for most makes and models of watches and can be done while you wait.

Trust David’s Jewelry & Coin Exchange with Your Most Prized Possessions

We understand how important your jewelry is to you, whether that’s due to sentimental value or expense. When you trust us with your most prized possessions, we promise to treat them like our own and with the utmost care. Our two in-house jewelers ensure your piece(s) never have to leave our store. We have a foolproof system, and you can always give us a call for a progress update. We’re proud to be a trusted business of the Brazos Valley community for so many years—and are happy to meet your jewelry repair needs!